Acting As An Independent Diver

If you are a certified scuba diver, and would like to help with the milfoil control effort on your own schedule, here are the steps to follow:

  1. You must be trained in the correct techniques for milfoil removal. The following people are available to provide training on an individual basis:

  2. Find one or more beds to work on by reviewing the Harvest and markers on the map here.

  3. Get all required equipment. Contact Terry or Mat Lynch (494-4482, if you need any equipment. The following is available: diver down buoy, scuba equipment, including compressed air, wetsuit, weight, etc., and nets for picking up fragments. (We get free air from the fire department if we let them know ahead of time.)

  4. Assemble a surface crew to pick up fragments. This is very important. You can either arrange for your own people or schedule an event here and then send out an invitation to volunteer for that day here to solicit volunteers.

  5. Perform the work.

  6. Correctly dispose of the milfoil. Examples are: 1.) taking it to the town dump, or 2.) composting it for your garden away from the lake.

  7. Report your results to Terry Lynch,, providing the date, bed number. and accomplishments.