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2016 Milfoil Control Status

Our Volunteers

Luc Aalmans
Bob Aldunate
Barbara Blum
Bryan Bourque
Jean Bourque
Ted Brant Lake Farm
Daniel Brennan
Wayne Butler
Peter Cassidy
Jeff Clark
Sally Clark (Raymond)
Daniel Clow
Rachael DeBenedictus
Jack DeGregorio
Dianne Dreyer
Allen Elkin
Josh Elkin
Cheryl Engelbrecht
Joanne Esposito
Thomas Fisk
Cecilia Fitzpatrick
Irv Freedman
Gail Frenz
Gary Frenz
Dan Gaddy
Nelson Gillespie
Joyce Greenidge
Jack Hagerty
Jeanne Hagerty
Justin Hardcastle
Jim Hayes
Devon Hedges
Eric Hesse
Nate Hill
Nate Hill
Brandon Himoff
David Iasevoli
Greg Jackson
Laurie Jackson
Jim Keilman
Dave King
Mary King
Bob & Suzanne Klein
Oblo Lange
Jane Lewit
Marc Lustick
Bette Lynch
Jessica Lynch
Matt Lynch
Terry Lynch
Cheryl McNierney
Dave McNierney
Angie Mead
Elna Meader
Karen Meltzer
Laurence Meltzer
Joe Millington
Katie Mockler
Elizabeth Morgan
Alex Nuwer
Guy OBrien
Mary Paladin
Steve Paton
Glen Purcell
Frank Riess
Stanley Rusak
Barbara Salander
Jeffrey Schanzer
Douglas Schultz
Carolyn Schumann
Jim Sidford
A.J. Szilagyi
Heather Szilagyi
I. Szilagyi
Jerry Szilagyi
Jim Ventura
Ben Wells
Beth Wells
Kathy Wells
Jayne Wynne
Tom Wynne

89 Volunteers!


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